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Douglas & Carissa are excited to attend one of our client's art exhibit in Paris with a beautiful reception at The Ritz. Considering the ambiance of art and environment of all things Eiffel, we chose this to be our business branding photo, so to speak. Having a professional photographer at our disposal definitely sealed the deal. Please scroll through the following additional fun facts about Carissa & Douglas. :-)











Carissa and Douglas both grew up in Fairfield County, CT. Carissa has lived in Connecticut, California, and New York. Douglas has lived in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, and on the island of Kauai. Together, they both enjoy celebrating the varied majesty that New England offers to all of us.











Carissa & Douglas love travel, and adventure, and the combination of the two. Last year, they celebrated their 24-hour round-trip flight to Kauai with a 24-mile round-trip hike in Kauai. Check out their Kalalau Video and Blog. Keep on the lookout for additional videos, soon to come, of their crossing of the infamous "Crawler's Ledge" section.










Carissa & Douglas truly enjoy helping others and participating in honorable charitable causes. The photo below is the dynamic duo acting as 'Double Buddies' for a fun-loving couple attending Tim Tebow's special needs function, "Night to Shine." This event is held annually at Grace Farms in New Canaan, which generously supports five initiatives in which Carissa & Douglas strongly believe: Nature, Arts, Justice, Community, and Faith.










Before entering the real estate business 17 years ago, Carissa used to own and operate a gourmet corporate catering business with her mother in downtown Stamford. Carissa absolutely loves to eat super-nutritious foods, particularly her own delectable 'kitchen sink salads.'  She is also an accomplished healthy foods cook, chef, maker, and baker. Look for 'Carissa's Cookies' coming soon to an open house near you. Seriously... stop on by! :-)









As an exercise physiologist and accomplished fitness professional for three decades, Douglas has helped transform the bodies and lives of thousands of individuals throughout Lower Fairfield County and millions of people around the world. Here he enjoys a freshly-squished, nutrient-dense veggie juice and a healthy dose of his friend's proprietary drink, Dr. Nicholas Perricone's Hydrogen Water. Carissa would be so proud! :-)



























Though international adventures are fabulous, periodic weekend getaways are much more realistic for Carissa & Douglas. They love the charm (and convenience) of Newport, Rhode Island. While the Cliff Walk Trail is always on their to-do list, celebrating Christmas at The Breakers is especially glorious.












Before meeting Carissa, Douglas lived in Kauai for almost five years. He got pretty good at body surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, and vigorous hiking in paradise. Douglas enjoys playing the piano, especially fast ragtime; however, at Carissa's request, he is doing his best to learn some 'regular' songs (aka Billy Joel) as well. Douglas has created marketing companies, founded personalized fitness centers, written several books and countless articles, and has developed several successful websites and platforms. With regard to the real estate profession, he has been involved as a licensed Realtor, a residential 'flipper,' and the owner and hands-on Landlord of a large commercial property. Douglas has twin daughters and two sons, all in their 20s, currently residing throughout the state of Connecticut.


"Carissa is a God-sent angel. When relocating from out of state, she was warm, knowledgeable and very easy to talk to, always addressing our concerns and going the extra mile to make us feel comfortable. Once we were ready to move into a new home, once again she provided all the support we needed to sell our current home and buy a new one. She has an expert eye for decor, keen on details that matter in the market. She also tackled our concerns as if they were her own, clarifying any concerns or addressing issues right away. She is professional, courteous and thoughtful, which can make all the difference during a stressful period where one sells and buys a house. We love Carissa!"

  -Rocio Perez, Client

"My husband and I are currently closing on a house next week! Carissa and Douglas have been there every step of the way. They have a wealth of knowledge that we found extremely beneficial throughout the home buying process. As we searched for the right house, Carissa and Douglas worked as a team. We appreciate their expertise and tireless efforts. I especially appreciate their patience as we viewed countless homes and asked many questions. They sincerely wanted to help make this potentially stressful experience a positive one. Our family is very excited about this new chapter in our lives. Thanks for everything!!"

  -Michelle Ayala, Client

"My personal experience attests to the exemplary capabilities of both Carissa & Douglas. This dynamic duo works purposefully to fulfill the real estate needs of their clients, regardless of the size of the transaction. They are undoubtedly committed to excellence and unfailingly deliver exceptional results. Carissa demonstrates business acumen and exemplary experience but also possesses an enviable knack for making people feel comfortable and confident that she meet their needs. Moreover, Carissa is blessed with unbounded enthusiasm to achieve whatever goals she aims at attaining. Her tenacious will and athletic prowess enable her to reach higher to consistently succeed in whatever task she decides to tackle. As a former client, I immediately sensed that Carissa & Douglas truly cared by always extending heart-warming hospitality. They are among the very best in real estate. In our home constellation, they will continue to be regarded as ‘superstars,' and deservedly so."

  -Harold D., Client

"Absolutely and completely satisfied with all aspects of both our transactions, listing and selling. I have been in real estate for over 30 years and have been so appreciative for all the efforts expended by Carissa in both of our transactions. If you are looking for an energetic full service Realtor, call Carissa & Douglas; you will not be disappointed,"

  -Cathleen Smith, Client

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