Buying Your Dream Home in Ridgefield, Connecticut

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With so much to offer, all captured within a picturesque NORMAN ROCKWELL setting, it is no surprise that many families desire Ridgefield as the serene destination to welcome them home. Consistently ranked as one of CONNECTICUT'S BEST TOWNS, it's no wonder that you are interested in searching for a house for sale in Ridgefield, CT.

Founded in 1708, Ridgefield is located in the foot hills of the Berkshire Mountains and is approximately ONE HOUR TO NEW YORK CITY by car. (You can even take a shuttle bus to the train station, if you prefer.) The town is known for its charming and captivating Main Street, which is lined with stately homes, museums, churches, unique boutiques, and WORLD-CLASS fine and casual dining.

When you buy a home and move to Ridgefield, CT, you'll be in good company. Connecticut Magazine regularly ranks Ridgefield as the highest in QUALITY OF LIFE. This is based on the Ridgefield school system, safest town ratings, and scope of services. Ridgefield’s schools are considered to be among the finest in Connecticut, a state well known for fine schools.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home in Ridgefield, CT, or anywhere throughout Fairfield County, please contact CARISSA & DOUGLAS PROPERTIES. We will be delighted to meet with you and look forward to helping you feel right at home.

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