Kalalau Trail in Kauai: Free Fall or Forge Forward

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Kalalau Trail in Kauai: Free Fall or Forge Forward

Everyone loves a good story, right?

Well… We have minds full of memories and we look forward to sharing with you some of our best experiences (good or otherwise) in the real estate biz, and et cetera.

It has been an incredible ride, and we have been blessed with some of the dearest friendships as a result of helping folks buy and sell their homes. Keeping it real, we will even share those moments that have not always been completely rosy.

For instance, frozen pipes incident two days before a closing. Or, the adorable toddler who in a blink of an eye decided that the sellers’ dog bowl would make a nice place to 'go potty.' And sometimes it happens when a clients' special dream house ends up going to a higher bidder with slightly deeper pockets. Thankfully something better usually comes along and it ends well!

No matter what comes our way we believe that with the right mindset and work ethic there is always a positive way forward, and we are there to help guide the way.

Moving forward is the name of the game and over the years we have embraced the task of wearing many hats in this business to meet the needs of our clients during the course of any given real estate transaction. We're excited to be on this journey together, and together with YOU!

Buying or selling a home is an fulfilling adventure and, for our fellow adventurous travelers, we know that you can relate. Like you, we like a good challenge and making a difference in what we do. After all, finding simple solutions to seemingly limitless limitations leads to the prized view from the mountain top.

Speaking of mountain adventures, during our last visit to Kauai, we hiked the ENTIRE Kalalau Trail. While there were thousands of obstacles, we maintained our consistent focus on always moving forward and it sure was worth the effort.

Camping at the world-famous Kalalau Beach for two nights was amazing! Dreamy!  Full disclosure: I certainly don’t recommend this hike for everyone, especially the faint of heart (or legs or lungs). It’s long. It's hot. It's hilly. And the so-called goat trail winding along unstable, rocky, crumbly cliffs is quite often unsettling. Perhaps we'll post a few videos of our journey and struggles someday.

In the meantime, enjoy the breathtaking view of our finish line and home away from home for a few days.

The views are incredible, but that's not the only reason to go. For some of us, namely Carissa, overcoming the intimidating feeling of free-falling to the ocean without any capability to recover is motivation alone. Conquering challenges in life provides worthwhile victories and rewards the spirit; so we trek on... ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD.

Utilizing innovative tools with a positive mindset in everything we do is what we do. Helping others to do the same is what we love to do!!

Until next time... we hope to see you around town. If you see us first, please be sure to stop us to say a quick aloha!

Carissa & Douglas :-)