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  • Carissa and Douglas are extraordinary Real Estate professionals as well as being exceptional individuals. The attention to detail, enthusiasm , knowledge , experience and superb marketing that Carissa and Douglas bring to the world of buying and selling is both superb and genuine. They are both passionate about the world of Real Estate and work tirelessly to ensure that the buying and selling transaction is both pleasurable and profitable for their Clients. Everyone who has the good fortune to work with Carissa and Douglas Properties will be provided premiere customer care and service. I HIGHLY recommend the team of Carissa and Douglas Properties to everyone!
    Julie Cromwell, Home Seller - Life on Golden Hill


  • My husband and I are currently closing on a house next week! Carissa and Douglas have been there every step of the way. They have a wealth of knowledge that we found extremely beneficial throughout the home buying process. As we searched for the right house, Carissa and Douglas worked as a team. We appreciate their expertise and tireless efforts. I especially appreciate their patience as we viewed countless homes and asked many questions. They sincerely wanted to help make this potentially stressful experience a positive one. Our family is very excited about this new chapter in our lives. Thanks for everything!!
    Michelle Ayala, Home Buyer


  • My personal experience and the experience of people I have confidently referred attest to the exemplary capabilities of both Carissa and Douglas. This dynamic duo works purposefully to fulfill the real estate needs of their clients, regardless of the size of the transaction. They are undoubtedly committed to excellence and unfailingly deliver exceptional results. Carissa demonstrates not only business acumen and exemplary experience, but also possesses an enviable knack for making people feel comfortable and confident that she meet their needs – whether selling or buying properties. Moreover, Carissa is blessed with unbounded enthusiasm to achieve whatever goals she aims at attaining. Her tenacious will, combined with her athletic prowess, enables her to reach higher to consistently succeed in whatever task she decides to tackle. Like Carissa, Douglas is quite a remarkable fellow. His curriculum vitae is admirably impressive. Before deciding to ‘combine forces’ with Carissa, Douglas dedicated his energy (and 4.0 GPA) to helping thousands of clients achieve better health and fitness throughout Fairfield County, including me. Douglas is not only an academic superstar; he’s also a member of Mensa, a creative marketing genius, and always ready to elevate my mood with his quick wit, occasional magic tricks, and periodic piano skills. I wholeheartedly endorse these outstanding individuals and unhesitatingly recommended their professional services as a 'duo.' They consistently show me thorough attention to detail and unwavering commitment to deliver a truly caring and personable experience. Carissa and Douglas genuinely care about delivering excellence and I know that I'm in good hands with them at the helm. As a former client, I immediately sensed that Carissa and Douglas truly cared by always extending heart-warming hospitality. They will never be mistaken for robots. They are among the very best in real estate. In our home constellation, they will continue to be regarded as ‘superstars’… and deservedly so.
    H.D., Renter and Future Buyer


  • I have known Douglas & Carissa for a couple of years and searching for my dream home with them has given me the opportunity to see them in action. They each have particular skill sets and expertise that complements one another... whether it's marketing, negotiation, technology, or communication. Together, they truly are a synergistic power team. Carissa has a lot of experience as a licensed Realtor and seems to know everybody in the business. Because Douglas has owned businesses in Fairfield County for decades, he has his own huge Rolodex. And, if he doesn't know somebody, it's only because they have yet to cross his path. I'm excited to continue working with Douglas & Carissa as I search for my perfect home. And, if you're looking for an enthusiastic couple to list and promote a house that you are selling, this is definitely the most ambitious team in the neighborhood.
    Ricardo Rocha, Client


  • With a humble thanks, I would like to share my experience with Doug and Carissa. Although our acquaintance may not be as long as with others, it did not take long for me to feel their true sincerity and heart felt concern and friendship. The world we live in and the people we surround ourselves with become part of us and our lives even for short periods of time. With that being said, Doug, whom I’ve known a little longer has a spirit unlike any other I’ve known. He’s very simplistic in nature with a kind heart and enjoys helping others however that may be; as does Carissa, who too, has a very caring heart and a true concern for helping others. So, when they united as a team “Carissa and Douglas Properties” they became more of what they were individually. The great thing about them is without question, where one drops off the other picks up, they are in sync with one another. For this, you could not ask for more, when having someone represent you with your real estate needs. So, in closing, I would like to extend a heartfelt wish to Doug and Carissa, that they too, have the opportunity to share in what they provide for others, a future with endless possibilities, bless you both.
    Carrie Dubray, Real Estate Associate


  • Carissa is the best broker out there. She is consistently patient, kind, understanding, and highly competent. She simply goes above and beyond at every possible point. When she listed our house, she worked endlessly to help us stage it - - from big things like new large pieces of furniture, and landscaping, to small things, like decorations and towels. She took care of everything with a smile! That house sold in two weeks for our ask price! She then spent months and months showing us houses, so patiently, and never made us feel rushed in any way. We made offers, which she professionally advised us on, and finally, we found our dream home. She was there every step of the way - through inspection and follow ups. Once we closed, her help continued with contractor, driveway, and all types of referrals - she knows everyone! She has been a great friend to our entire family and we highly recommend her. She is simply the kindest, most caring, most professional and most competent broker there is, and she will work hard for you and you will find a great home with her help.
    - Neil Einhorn, Multiple Buy Sell Transactions

  • Total dream partner in finding the perfect home. Carissa is an amazing pro at the real estate biz. She is the insider's insider and knows the market like no other, but even better, she is totally keyed into her client's wish list. You add the two together and you get the best in search, representation, support through the annoying to occasionally painful home buying process. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carissa in finding a home in CT when we moved from Los Angeles. Frankly she made the whole process easy and pleasant. I don't relish the thought of every moving again but if it happens, my first phone call will be to Carissa.
    - The Kim Family, Multiple Buy Sell Transactions

  • Carissa helped to sell and buy our new homes for over 5 years. She is extremely professional and skilled negotiator, honest and reliable, someone who is supportive and trusted during quite hectic and stressful buying / selling experience. We work with Carissa even when we are looking for a home further away from our residence, because of her valuable advice starting from the research through the closing.
    - Jurga and Marius, Multiple Buy Sell Transactions

  • We are both so blessed to have had Carissa help us in finding a new home. Carissa's professionalism and thoughtful manner made all this process much easier. A million thanks!
    - Home Buyer

  • After months with another agency, I moved my rental listing to Carissa at Coldwell Banker. In the dead of winter, in the middle of a blizzard, she took pictures and uploaded the new listing to MLS over the weekend. A few days later, we received a full price offer from a qualified renter.  Carissa wasted no time in getting my unit listed and advertised. Carissa saved me thousands of dollars. I cannot thank her enough.
    - J. Lasko, Seller

  • Carissa was very knowledgeable and accommodating. She always worked around our schedule and tried to arrange appointments at our convenience. She worked diligently with us over a year and had shown numerous houses. She was very helpful from beginning to end of buying process and even after closing. We would highly recommend Carissa to anyone who looking for an excellent agent.
    - Montagan Long, Buyer

  • It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Carissa McMahon in searching for a new home. While we have bought and sold a few houses, we have never before encountered such a level of excellence with our real estate agent than we have with Carissa. The experience throughout has been superior; she’s smart, professional, thorough, punctual and kind. She’s well connected and her thoughts and advice are excellent. Carissa understands the market and has taken the time to understand the unique needs of our family. We highly recommend Carissa McMahon for your real estate needs!
    - Jared and Mari Miles, Buyer

  • Karen and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Carissa, for your representation as our listing agent on the sale of our home at 111 High Ridge Ave. As you know this was the second time we worked together. You listed a property in which I was an investor, and your quality representation on that transaction was a factor when we listed our personal residence for sale. There were several areas in which your representation exceeded our expectation. First, you listened. When we told you that we were in no rush to sell, and we communicated our priorities around securing a transaction, you did not just pay lip service to what was important to us. You gave us your opinion, but when a decision was made, you got behind it and remained positive throughout. You always were truthful with us, and measured your advice in the proper context of our objectives. You were dealing with a difficult market at our price point, but you always had a can-do attitude, and you continued to invest in our listing. When a serious buyer was located, you obviously were all-in on driving the deal to closing. But we were impressed that when we were at an impasse on price, you professionally represented our interests and objectives, even when the losing the deal was a real possibility. Then when we found our ultimate buyer, you were fully engaged in every step of the transaction to make sure that there were no controllable impediments to closing. You earned every penny of your commission on our listing, and you never lost faith in us or our beautiful home. You really understood the emotional aspect of selling the dream home in which our large family thrived and had 20 happy years. Carissa, we wish you nothing but the best and would recommend you to both buyers and sellers without hesitation. Come visit us at the lake in Virginia! All the best, Karen and Steve
    - Steve and Karen Bollerman, Multiple Buy Sell Transactions

  • We just wanted to express our gratitude for your enormous help in getting our beautiful new home. We are so happy! We couldn't have done it without you! You are really our angel!
    - Daniela, Juan & Rocio, Multiple Buy Sell Transactions

  • Carissa sold my house for top dollar, enabling me to be well positioned to purchase my next home. Initially, I was not looking for a fixer-upper, but stumbled across an opportunity that with a lot of work, had the potential to become my dream home. At first, I was leery due to the unknown costs that would be involved in renovating. Carissa was always accommodating, spending countless hours making trips to the house where I would meet various contractors to get estimates for the work that was needed. Once I had a clear picture of what I was up against, she coached me through the offer process and I ended up getting a steal of deal. In past real estate transactions not involving Carissa, I had some bad experiences with inspectors. But Carissa is connected with top notch people to handle the various aspects of the inspections. She scheduled and coordinated all aspects and made everything effortless for me. I had never felt more confident going into a closing. Words can’t describe how thrilled I am to now be living in my dream home, especially for what I paid for it! Thank you Carissa, a thousand times over!
    - Tony Scaringella, Multiple Buy Sell Transactions